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     In Galicia, 69% of the ground is for harvesting use (approximately 2040 miles of acres) opposed to 28.5 % used for agriculture, which clearly shows the potential producer: the timber community. There are over 1632 million trees which constitute our arboreal patrimony, 1200 million of those are leafy.
     Out of the 2 million acres of the ground used for harvesting, around 634.000 acres are not covered with trees, which represents more of a fourth of the mountainous surface of our community.
     The annual producing capacity of our forests overcomes the number of 11 million cubic metres of wood.
     The annual growth of species of the Galician mount is the following: (measured in thousand of cubic metres):

  Specie thousand m3  
  Galician pine tree 3.104
  Carballo 652
  Eucalyptus 3.158
  Pine tree and eucalyptus 1.449
  Radiata pine tree 912
  Wild pine tree 444
  Chestnut tree and other leafy trees 157
  Bank trees 103

     Our mounts not only provide the industrial sector with wood, but they also produce other tangible values such as pastures, hunting, fruits, cork, mushrooms, environmental quality, landscape, areas for entertainment and finally, carbon fixation. All together and summarizing it in numbers, according to the article O MONTE GALLEGO IN CIFRAS published by the Environmental Council of the Galician Board, the Galician mounts provide an annual income of 565,000 euros just by being in their wild state (the equivalent of 94.000 million of the old pesetas).
     The third national forest inventory states that the most widespread arboreal species are the following ones (measured in million of cubic metres)

  Specie million m3
  Galician pine tree 49.2
  Eucalyptus globulus 34.8
  Carballo (countryside oak tree) 16.9
  Radiata pine tree 7.6
  Chestnut tree 5.6
  Wild pine tree 3.8
  Cerquiño (rebollo) 3.6


      The health of our forest expanses is in very good state. Over 80% of the trees are in excellent conditions. Only 6% of them are infected by plagues or are affected by some type of disease. Therefore, 4% have suffered damages from fires. even though most species in Galicia have a good adaptability to overcome the consequences after a fire.
     In the so called “Forest ER”, only 4% of the affected trees are seriously damaged.
     Species that enjoy a perfect health are the wild pine tree, the Galician pine tree and the eucalyptus. 9 out of 10 enjoy an excellent health.
     On the contrary, cork trees or so called “sobreira” in Galician, do not enjoy a good health at all. 4 out of 10 of these are sick and only 1 out of 4 have been damaged by a fire.


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