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     The following are the actioneer´s duties until the placing of wood in the factory is completed:

     Felling of trees. Knocking down of trees with no branches, sprouting, cutting up and piling up the logs. The process consists of the clearing up of branches from the trunk, the cutting up into logs and their appropriate classification.

     The auctioneer is usually in charge of cleaning up the area right after the process is finished. This way possible fires or breakouts of diseases are avoided.

     Forest harvesting. The timber is carried to a loading platform where it is picked up and transported to the factory for its production.

     The forest harvesting is always carried out throughout resources that best preserve the environment and its natural conditions. These resources are skidding and/or logging tractors or halters that carry the load suspended on the air. The transportation of load to the factories could be done by lorries, train, boat, etc.


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