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Timber sector > FEARMAGA > The auctioneer and the wood sawyer


     In general, they both are the intermediaries between the owner of the mount and the transformer industry. However, their access to wood could also be done throughout contracts or agreements.

     Usually, it is the auctioneer himself who buys the wood from the owner of the timber. Therefore, he is in charge of the sawing, preparation, classification and distribution of the wood to the various industries who are in charge of its transformation. The auctioneer also deals with administrative work that needs to comply with the regulations on the environment according to the criteria given by the traditional Mount Order.

     The auctioneer´s work in Galicia is indispensable due to the wide fragmentation of land and its high productivity. This requires some sort of mechanism that allows to concentrate the wood offer. Most of the wood that is acquired by auctioneers is done throughout auctions or by buying it directly to owners who contact several timber merchants. They study the possible offers and finally, the best bidder gets the wood logs. Later on, the auctioneer proceeds with the cutting. Afterwards, he moves the wood to the factory.

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