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     The Federation of Sawyers and Wood Auctioneers of Galicia, under the legal form of association, was constituted in 1979.
     The present president of the Federation is Mr. Carlos Ucha Sánchez, businessman of the Sawing Industry Sector who owns a factory situated on Betanzos in the province of A Coruña. The four provincial associations are the only existing members of the Federation in Galicia and the four of them gather together as the total number of sawmills and wood auctioneers in Galicia.

- President: D. Carlos Ucha Sánchez
- Sawmills Vicepresident: D. Juan J. Busto Rodríguez
- Auctioneers Vicepresident: D. Daniel Villapol Valea
- Secretary: D. Ramón Tojo Lens
- Treasurer: D. Lino Raña Ferreiro

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